Are the beach towels sand-resistant?

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 01:27 AM

Our beach towels are not inherently sand-resistant. However, the smooth texture of the polyester fabric can make it easier to shake off or brush off sand compared to towels with more textured surfaces. Additionally, polyester towels tend to have quick-drying properties, which can help shed moisture and sand more efficiently.

While sand may not stick as readily to polyester beach towels, it's important to note that sand particles can still cling to the fabric, especially if the towel is wet. Here are some tips to minimize sand on your polyester beach towel:

1. Shake or brush off sand: 

Before folding or rolling up your towel, give it a thorough shake to remove loose sand particles. You can also use your hands or a soft brush to gently brush off any remaining sand.

2. Allow the towel to dry: 

If your polyester beach towel is damp or wet, allow it to fully dry before folding or storing it. Drying the towel helps prevent sand particles from sticking to the fabric.

3. Use a sand-free mat or blanket: 

Consider using a sand-free mat or blanket as an additional layer between your towel and the sandy ground. Sand-free mats are designed with a special fabric that allows sand to pass through it, preventing sand from accumulating on top.

4. Rinse off at the beach shower: 

Before packing up your towel, you can rinse it off at a beach shower or a nearby tap. This can help remove any remaining sand or saltwater before you fold it.

While polyester beach towels may not be completely sand-resistant, these tips can help minimize sand accumulation and make it easier to maintain a clean and sand-free towel during your beach outings.

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