How to remove the transparent film from acrylic products?

Modified on Sun, 10 Sep 2023 at 08:20 PM

Our Acrylic Ornament/ Acrylic products are covered with a protective transparent film to prevent scratches, fingerprints, dust, or any damage during delivery.
We recommend removing it right before using the acrylic item. Below you can see how the product differs before and after the protective film is removed. After this step, your item will appear much more pure and clear.

Before removing the protective film
After removing the protective film

The following are some simple methods for removing the protective transparent film (cover or foil) on your own:
Option 1: Using your fingernail
To remove, place the acrylic item on a flat table and begin ruffling the film with your fingernail in a corner or along the edge until you have enough ruffled film to grab and pull the film off the front of your acrylic. It can be difficult to get started at times, but once you get enough to grab, it will simply peel right off, taking care not to scratch the acrylic with your nails.
Option 2: Using a pen's plastic cap
With the larger item, it is not impossible to tear off the acrylic film with your bare hands. In this case, we suggest that you should try to find a good corner of the item and then use something rounded and made of plastic, such as the plastic cap of a pen. Using light pressure, try to lift the film by hand. Once you see a little thing lifted, grab it with your fingernails and remove it easily.
Option 3: Applying nail polish remover or alcohol
Sometimes, you may also encounter adhesive marks or stickers on the acrylic surface. After removing the adhesive layer, apply a non-greasy nail polish remover to the item's surface and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Besides, you can also use industrial alcohol or gasoline to clear these traces.

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