How to find a missing package that shows as "Delivered"?

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Hello, Wander Prints is very sorry to know that you did not receive your package. We understand your concern, and we are here to assist you. Please rest assured and kindly follow the steps below. 

1. Check all potential delivery locations at your address.

If you are unable to locate your delivery at your doorstep, please explore the following areas:


  • Around your property. The delivery person might have left the package in a secure location or left a Delivery Notice Card.
  • Check with everyone in the household. Someone else may have received or retrieved the package.

Apartment building

  • Your individual mailbox
  • Parcel locker (They will leave a key in your mailbox)
  • Security desk
  • Building superintendent or concierge


  • Mailroom
  • Front desk or security
  • Courier service or a third-party

Community mailbox

  • Your individual mailbox 
  • Parcel compartment (Usually, the shipping carrier leaves a key in your mailbox)

Large institution 

  • The mailroom. This is the final point of delivery. Some time may pass before the mailroom delivers the package to you (or will tell you to pick it up).

Safe drop

  • A safe location on the property. Check around to find the package. Check with other members of the household, as they may have taken the package into the house. 

2. Allow an extra business day for the package to arrive.

While it can be frustrating to say this, the package is "almost" delivered. In rare cases, a package may appear to be 'delivered' but may take an additional 24 hours to show up on your doorstep.

There are several reasons they might do this.

  • The most common is that they need to push a certain number of deliveries a day and to save on time, they may prematurely mark the delivery as complete.
  • Clerical and technological errors can also occur.
  • A mail deliverer may make a mistake, or a computer may malfunction and mark a package as delivered prematurely.

3. Contact your local post office for further information. 

If your package still cannot be located anywhere, we suggest visiting your local Post Office or trying to speak with the shipping carrier who services your address; if anyone could provide some insight into the delivery, it’s your local shipping carrier! 

Here are some general ways to contact and file a claim with them:

  • Contact the local post office or the shipping carrier via their phone numberYou can visit this link Carrier Contact Information to find the contact number.
  • Visit the carrier's website and file a Missing Mail Search: The shipping carrier will likely require you to complete a claim form. This form may be available online on their website or can be sent to you via email or mail. Fill out the form accurately and provide all the requested information. 
  • Follow up on the claim: After submitting the claim, stay in contact with the shipping carrier's claims department and keep us informed of any developments or outcomes so we can follow up on the case for you.

If you still can’t find the package after going through the above steps, please Contact UsWe're always happy to help in whatever way we can.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you have to provide the exact shipping address to let us check with the shipping carrier about your situation.

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