Why was I billed an international fee for my recent transaction?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 12:56 AM

Receiving an unexpected international fee for a recent transaction can be confusing and frustrating. To shed light on this issue, let's delve into the possible reasons why you were billed an international fee. Understanding these factors will help you navigate future transactions and make informed decisions.

1. Currency Conversion: 

  • If your transaction involved converting one currency to another, such as making a purchase in a foreign currency, your bank or credit card company may have charged an international fee to cover the costs of currency conversion.

2. Cross-Border Transaction:

  • If the transaction was processed by a merchant located in a different country than your billing address, it may be considered a cross-border transaction.
  • In such cases, financial institutions often charge international fees to cover additional processing and administrative costs associated with cross-border transactions.

3. International Payment Networks:

  • We are an international company, using an American payment processor called Stripe. That results in some banks charging additional fees, while other banks do not. Sadly, this charge comes directly from your bank and is outside of our control.
  • Besides, we currently have 04 payment gateways: USA, Canada, UK and Singapore. For the time being, all payments using credit cards go straight to our payment gateway in Canada or Singapore and that is why there is an international fee assessed on your bill. To avoid international fees, you can use PayPal as a mode of payment in the future. The payment will remain secure as Stripe is PCI-compliant and handles the whole payment process for us.

4. Bank or Credit Card Policy: 

  • Some banks and credit card issuers have policies that include international fees for certain types of transactions, regardless of the specific circumstances. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions of your bank or credit card agreement to understand if international fees are applicable in such cases.

=> To sum up, It is important to note that the specific fees and their amounts can vary depending on your financial institution, the type of transaction, and the terms of your account or credit card agreement. 

=> To obtain accurate information regarding the international fee charged for your transaction, it is recommended to contact your bank or credit card provider directly. They will be able to provide detailed information about the specific charges associated with your transaction.

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